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Hello there,

This is Nihan. My name is already short enough and easy to read but nonetheless you can call me as Ni. That’s what my friends do, generally.


If you read this part of the blog, most probably you are an English reader. So, unfortunately you will not able to read my blog posts which are only in Turkish. But still there are many things you can do here:) You may look over my photo sharings which are about my handmade crafts and travels around the World. Sounds fun right?

What else? You can follow me on social media which is the best idea ever. Everything I share over there is in both language. And once you start to follow, you will love it definitely. 

Who am I?

I live in Istanbul and as everybody I call it home instead of chaos. To me, it’s insanity living in here with 20 million people but I still call it home. Weird.

I am only child. I generally do not define myself as a spoiled girl, but when I find myself insistently requesting something, I call it "only child syndrome". Also i am a daughter of wonderful parents. Whenever I feel sad about something, I remember them and feel lucky.

From my childhood there is a passion deep inside me which is creating something with my hands and, finally, I found what it is at my age 30. It’s never late. I started with stone paintings and then it continued with wood workings. So here I am. Everyday I am learning something new and can not be happier than this.

I’m married to Can. In June 19, 2014, coincidently we both were in “Travis” music band concert here in Istanbul and we met each other there. I said “coincidently” because on my side; I was invited by a friend only a few of hours before the concert. I didn’t have any idea about Travis was in town before she called me. On Can’s side, he had the ticket but he gave to a friend who asked for it insistently. But on concert day, this friend had to go for a business trip so he returned the ticket back to him.  So, I was there, he was there and somehow we found each other. The universe was working for us.

After 7 months we found ourselves married to each other. Life is with full of surprises. He is the best mate ever. He loves travel as I do and he is my best supporter and helper on my handmade crafts journey. I am in love with him.

In October 2020 I got pregnant and normally our baby girl Dünya (means Earth in Turkish) was supposed to born in the early July but she decided to come 2 weeks earlier, in June 19, 2021 which is the exact date when I met Can 7 years ago. It was magical. I thought of this date couple of times but did not ever think it could be possible. I am still so grateful for the day she choose to be born and of course I love her no matter what. Million thanks to her for being part of our family. 

(edit: On January 2019 we moved to Bodrum, the Aegean side of Turkey and on November 2021 we moved to Çanakkale, the Northern Aegean. Our baby girl born in here. On the other hand we still go to Istanbul for business and other reasons.)

What I do?

I work on woods, give shape them and make decoration stuffs, accessories and jewelries with them. Everyday I am learning more about the trees, their structure and can not believe how amazing they are. Being a part of each step of their transformations is just a very good feeling.

What else about me?

I love blue color.

I want to own an elephant and a penguin. Yes, I am serious, no, I am not joking.

I love travel. Whenever I have some free time, I find myself checking the flight tickets. It's a fabulous thing meeting new cultures and new people.

My favorite food is lasagna.

I love wearing colorful and incompatible clothes.

I speak Turkish and English fluently. I used to speak Spanish fluently as well. But now, if you have time enough I would like to speak Spanish as well :)

What is the history behind 5letterStory?

“Nihan” is a 5 letters name. “World, Earth and Dünya (means World & Earth in Turkish)” words which are referring to my travel passion are 5 letters words. “Stone” is a 5 letters word which is the cutest and important part of this blog. Because one day I painted a stone and my “story” is started. Oh, besides, the word “story” itself is a 5 letters word, either. So, as you can see many things about this blog are 5 letters stories.

Well, now you know at least something about me. Don’t you think it will worth to follow me and my stories?

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