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5letterStory is the story of a wooden designer and a girl who feels incomplete if she doesn’t travel. This girl takes inspiration from nature in her designs and adopts the philosophy of preserving its spirit and presenting it in another form. For this reason; she does not harm any living tree, she only uses the wood from naturally damaged trees.

She travels whenever she gets a chance, so that she can nourish the soul with new and different cultures and mix these differences with her designs.

Her motto is to challenge being flawless. Because handmade means having flaws. It means; lots of effort has been given, lots of love has been added, but since it does not come out of the machine, it contains the sweet flaws of being handmade. It means; challenging this perception in this world where we strive to look flawless. 

She likes the olive tree most and uses this tree mostly in her designs. Because; olive tree has been a symbol of peace and plentifulness since mythology and there are many many stories written about its sacredness. She believes; this sacredness and the beauty of its structure make designs more special and unique. 

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